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Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

A hypnotherapy weight management programme uses a number of techniques to create new neural pathways in your brain around your associations and attitudes to food. It aims to provide long term results.

The programme is delivered over 4 sessions, usually 1 week apart with the option to add the hypnotic gastric band if so required. A CD is provided to reinforce the live sessions.

The hypnotherapy weight control programme can be delivered one-to-one or to a small group and has a very high success rate. Please contact me for more information.

Weight Loss – Ready to Lose weight?

There are numerous events throughout the year that bring pressure for many of us to change our bodies – be that achieving a bikini body; reducing our size and toning up for summer as lighter weight clothes show up lumps and bumps; slimming down and shedding our spare tyre for Christmas, Weddings or a myriad of other special occasions!

And for some of people, it’s the same story year after year – lose a little, gain a little (or a bit more).  Now you have a choice. You can carry on doing what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got – OR you can make a change and start managing your weight and fitness proactively, using hypnotherapy to provide you with valuable support while you make changes for life.

As your hypnotherapist, I will encourage you to think in terms of weight control or management and to set realistic goals.  We won’t talk about diets because this isn’t about dieting (although we may discuss nutrition).  As your hypnotherapist, I will be helping you to get back in tune with your body and only eating when you are actually hungry (and stopping when you are comfortably full).  You can eat whatever you like – nothing is forbidden.  During your hypnotherapy sessions we will also work on releasing emotional hang-ups around food and improving your motivation to exercise.  If you really want to, we can fit a hypnotic gastric band too.

You will be provided with a CD to reinforce the sessions and a second CD during the final sessions to support your continued progress.

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